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Carrie-Lynn Macleod
Broker, ASA

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CMHC To Increase Mortgage Premiums as of May 1st, 2014
Posted on Sat, 01 Mar 2014, 06:43:27 AM  in CMHC ,  Buying a home or Condo in Windsor Essex ,  2014 Increase in CMHC Mortgage Premiums in Windsor, Ontario
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Effective May 1st   2014, CMHC Purchase (owner occupied 1 – 4 unit) mortgage insurance premiums will increase by approximately 15%, on average, for all loan-to-value ranges.


If possible get your purchases in before May 1st, 2014 for a cost savings!

Loan-to-Value Ratio

Standard Premium (Current)

Standard Premium (Effective May 1st, 2014)

Up to and including 65%



Up to and including 75%



Up to and including 80%



Up to and including 85%



Up to and including 90%



Up to and including 95%



90.01% to 95% – Non-Traditional Down Payment



As always, I am here for any real estate help. Servicing Windsor Essex and Surrounding Areas - Riverside, Tecumseh, Lakeshore, East Riverside, Emeryville, Belle River, Central Windsor, Walkerville, South Windsor, South Cameron, Heritage Estates, Lasalle, Waterfront Properties, Working with Seniors and their Families.

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Posted on Mon, 06 Jan 2014, 06:35:34 PM  in windsor Ontario real estate statistics,  Buying a home or Condo in Windsor Essex ,  Windsor Real Estate
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Windsor market in early stages of becoming a retirement destination for Canadians

Gates of Glengarda Windsor, Ont. Waterfront CondominiumsWindsor, January 8, 2014 – The fourth quarter saw relatively flat year-over-year price increases for detached homes in Windsor while the condo market saw strong price appreciation according to the Royal LePage House Price Survey and Market Survey Forecast released today.

The average price for standard two-storey homes and condos both increased on a year-over-year basis, gaining 1.2 per cent to $131,350 and 5.5 per cent to $139,280, respectively. Detached bungalows saw a slight year-over-year price decrease of 0.1 per cent to $177,500.

“We saw the market remain largely flat in Windsor with a balanced inventory suitable to the number of potential buyers,”said Fred Shaw, sales manager, Royal LePage. “This is even true in the condo market where the upswing in average price is more reflective of which condos sold as opposed to a change in dynamics.”

According to Shaw, one  change to Windsor’s housing market has been the slow transformation into an appealing retirement option for aging baby boomers. The decline of Windsor as a manufacturing hub has opened up the town as an affordable and well-established retirement option for older Canadians. 

Looking ahead in 2014, Shaw suggests that the majority of the Windsor housing market will remain stable, but points out that some regions may be under pressure if economic or employment situations change.

“Windsor’s real estate market has seen its share of challenges due to the decline of the auto industry, but we have seen signs of recovery and stabilization,” Shaw added. `Employment is beginning to increase and the area should continue to attract new buyers looking for a retirement property.”

About the Royal LePage House Price Survey

The Royal LePage House Price Survey is the largest, most comprehensive study of its kind in Canada, with information on seven types of housing in over 250 neighbourhoods from coast to coast. This release references an abbreviated version of the survey which highlights house price trends for the three most common types of housing in Canada in 90 communities across the country. A complete database of past and present surveys is available on the Royal LePage website at Current figures will be updated following the complete tabulation of the data for the fourth quarter of 2013. A printable version of the fourth quarter 2013 survey will be available online on February 6, 2014. Housing values in the Royal LePage House Price Survey are Royal LePage opinions of fair market value in each location, based on local data and market knowledge provided by Royal LePage residential real estate experts. 


About Royal LePage

Serving Canadians since 1913, Royal LePage is the country’s leading provider of services to real estate brokerages, with a network of nearly 15,000 real estate professionals in over 600 locations nationwide. Royal LePage is the only Canadian real estate company to have its own charitable foundation, the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation, dedicated to supporting women's and children’s shelters and educational programs aimed at ending domestic violence. Royal LePage is a Brookfield Real Estate Services Inc. company, a TSX-listed corporation trading under the symbol TSX:BRE.


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FREE Seminar for Seniors & Their Family Members in Essex
Posted on Sat, 23 Nov 2013, 06:24:28 AM  in Home selling tips,  Wills and Estates,  RBC Investment & Retirement Planning
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RBC Retirement Seminar Nov. 27 2013

DATE & TIME: Wed. Nov. 27th, 10AM

WHERE:  Royal Bank Branch - Essex Branch

(161 Talbot St N, Essex, ON N8M 2C6)

SNACKS: will be available


 Transition to Retirement Living

  • Information about selling your current home, how to prepare
  • What you can expect when you move to a retirement residence
  •  Ensuring your savings/investments are aligned with your new situation


Followed by a Q & A session with local experts

Lisa Rufo, Community Relations Manager, Amica of Windsor

Carrie-Lynn Macleod, Broker, ASA, Royal LePage Binder Real Estate

*RBC approved local real estate agent

Kyle Lucier, Mortgage Sales Specialist, RBC

Tracy Cull, PFP, Investment & Retirement Planner, RBC


Please RSVP below

Yes! We will be attending!

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Staging the Front Entry or Foyer of your Windsor-Essex Home
Posted on Mon, 29 Jul 2013, 07:30:00 AM  in Home selling tips
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Staging the Front Entry or Foyer of your Windsor-Essex Home

First impressions are EVERYTHING! Especially when it comes to making major purchases, home buying is no different. It is critical to impose the proper first strong impression on a Buyer whether they are purchasing a car, a new couch or a new house. That is why in the Windsor Essex home selling business curb appeal is so important. Buyers will first view the exterior of your house of course; but, the second space they come in contact with is entry area or foyer. It is important to spend some time on this area as this space is often forgotten about because we use them every day and don’t necessarily see their imperfections.

The entry should give the Buyers a sense of what the rest of your house looks like but, leaving them wanting to see more! The style and colors of this space should be warm and welcoming as well as a preview to what Buyers can expect to see throughout the rest of the house. Buyers will often spend the time touring your home confirming their initial expectations. If they like what they see in the beginning, they will be aware of all the positives they see in other rooms. If their opinion is not so good, they will probably be able to pick out every little thing they can find that is wrong with your home or that they just don't like. Oftentimes, this isn't even a conscious process.


What can you do to make your entry or foyer stand out to our Windsor Essex Buyers?

Make sure all personal items are stored out of site. This includes coats, shoes, umbrellas and purses. If it is the off season store winter coats elsewhere.

Give the walls a fresh coat of paint if need be. Since this is where Buyers first enter, they often see the walls and trim up close while taking the time to remove shoes etc. Foyers take a lot of wear and tear so take a good look to see if yours needs attention.

Make sure all of the front door accessories are in good condition. This includes the front door, door hardware, any shades or blinds and rugs or mats. Sometimes the front door will require just a good washing down inside and out. Make sure any door mats are plush looking and clean not drab and dreary.

If you have a coat closet at the front entry… it is a good idea to empty half of the items out. This will display the true size of the closet and make it look more organized.

Make sure traffic flow is smooth…ensure there are no large items blocking walking paths or sight lines into other rooms.

Add a table for interest and function. A table with doors or shelves is a great place to store keys and other everyday items. Maybe you can repurpose a piece of furniture you have in another room or rummage a garage sale for the perfect item. You do not have to spend a lot of money to get the right effect.

Add a mirror, as it can give the illusion of a larger space and it works great to reflect light. It is also useful to check your look prior to leaving.

A small bench or chair are practical and can beautify the space if there is enough room. Buyers like to see that they have a spot to put on or take off shoes and boots or drop a purse or bag. Benches with storage are wonderful!

If you do not have the space hang a wall organizer. This is useful for storing keys and such.

Take a step back and scan your house from the front door. Take it all in. This will show you what Buyers will see when they do the same thing!

Overall, you want the space to feel warm, bright, and welcoming. Make sure there is enough lighting. Keep any window treatments open. Most entries do have an overhead fixture. If yours doesn't, add a lamp or two and add high wattage light bulbs to fixtures. This is not the time to save on your electricity bill as light sells!

If you don't have a hallway closet, see if there's any way you can add some type of storage for coats and shoes. Buyers make a point to look for this.

Make sure the flooring is in great condition and that it is updated. Repair any cracked tiles if necessary. Entries tend to be small, so if you need to add new tiles or flooring it will not be an expensive fix for the return back.

Think about what your home looks like on the outside. Try to incorporate some materials, colors, or textures to create a smooth transition between inside and out.

It is vital to have a Buyer entry your home through the front door, not a back door or garage. I always say that you can have a better feel of the house and its flow by using the front door.

Most importantly, you want to make sure you are grabbing the Buyers attention and making them excited to see the rest of the house. These feelings will not happen if coming in from the garage or back door.

As always, I am here for any real estate help. Servicing Windsor Essex and Surrounding Areas - Riverside, Tecumseh, Lakeshore, East Riverside, Emeryville, Belle River, Central Windsor, Walkerville, South Windsor, South Cameron, Heritage Estates, Lasalle, assisting those preparing to sell and getting the job done!

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For Sale By Owner or Real Estate Broker?
Posted on Wed, 24 Jul 2013, 08:30:00 AM  in For Sale By Owner or Broker
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The founder of a website helping people to sell their own homes has found a buyer for his own apartment – with the help of a traditional real estate broker.


ARTICLE WRITTEN BY: David Gardner creator Colby Sambrotto even paid the standard 6% commission after selling his two-bedroom New York condo for $2.15 million.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Mr Sambrotto spent six months trying to sell the apartment in trendy Chelsea through online listings and classified adverts. But the DIY home selling guru eventually decided to turn the sale over to a professional. Not only did broker Jesse Buckler set the price $150,000 higher than the original asking price, he went on to lure the elusive buyer Mr Sambrotto’s self-help methods had failed to attract.

The Journal said the 2,000-square-foot apartment at The Lion’s Head building near Sixth Avenue is now under contract. Mr Buckler claimed the owner wasn’t asking enough for the apartment and was consequently not attracting the right buyers. ‘At first he wouldn't let me increase the price,’ said Mr. Buckler. ‘I told him I know what I am doing—the market is picking up.’ Mr Sambrotto bought the apartment for $2 million in 2007, a year after he sold his website at the height of the real estate boom. He told the Journal that he still believed in owner sales and discounted commissions, but added: ‘The apartment market in Manhattan was tightly controlled by agents.' 'So many buyers don't even bother to do a search online.’


Undeterred, he is now planning to launch a new sale by owner website, called Fans of the DIY method point to past successes, even in broker-controlled Manhattan. Edgar Bronfman Jr., chief executive of the Warner Music Group, sold an East 64th Street town house four years ago for $50 million without paying any commission. Last month, a 69th Street town house was sold by its owner for $48 million.

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Subject: A Special Announcement from Carrie-Lynn Macleod, Broker, ASA
Posted on Thu, 07 Mar 2013, 10:37:41 PM  in Buying a home or Condo in Windsor Essex
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Carrie-Lynn Macleod joins Royal LePage Binder Real Estate


Usually I am the one helping people make a move. This time I am the one who has moved!

I recently made a career decision to change real estate firms. I would like to share with you that I have enthusiastically switched my Broker's License over to Royal Lepage Binder Real Estate.

I will be working primarily out of the Tecumseh office, 13158 Tecumseh Rd. E. It is close to the corner of Manning Rd. & Tecumseh Rd. (located west of the TD Canada Trust Bank). I also have the ability to meet clients at 2480 Ouellette Ave. in Windsor.

Please be assured that just because the company name has changed, the level of service I provide to clients hasn't.  My clients will continue to receive all of my passion and hard work. I will do what ever it takes to help people achieve their real estate goals.

As always, I am here for real estate assistance.  Servicing Windsor Essex County and Surrounding areas - Riverside, Tecumseh, Lakeshore, Riverside Dr., Central Windsor, Old Walkerville, South Windsor, South Cameron, Lasalle, Heritate Estates and our Coastal Areas.

Let's keep in touch!

Office: 519-735-7222

Direct: 519-919-8009


Or at my website:

Please feel free to connect me with on Facebook or Twitter too.

I look forward to working with you and thank you for your continued business and friendships.

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Home Staging in the Basement
Thursday, 10 January 2013, 01:52:01 PM
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When selling a home in Windsor, a staging professional or real estate representative are your main sources on how to showcase your home. By staging your house, you will add to the appeal for potential buyers. Staging is the term used to describe the act of preparing your home for sale. One area that may be forgotten or neglected during this process is the basement area.

The basement provides an additional space in the home that can be used for many purposes. It may serve as a utility room, where the washer and dryer is kept and used. It may be used as storage for unused items or for seasonal items. It may have a finished room that is used as a craft room or entertainment room.

Whether your basement is unfinished or finished, potential buyers in Windsor, Ontario will most likely be interested in seeing the available space. With a little planning and organization, you can show your basement area in the best possible light.

Light is an important aspect of the basement area. Basements usually have very few and small windows to allow in natural light, unless the basement is a walk out type. A walk out type of basement will have doors that may allow in more light. Make sure that there is sufficient lighting so that the basement does not appear dark or dingy.

Unfinished basements are typically used for storage and may accumulate many items over the years. Maximize this space by organizing any clutter evident in the area. Shelves are a great organizational tool and also utilize the available vertical space. There are other options such as large baskets and containers if adding shelves is not an option. Adding a fresh coat of paint to the unfinished concrete floor may also spruce it up and give it a fresh look for little expense.

For finished basements, there is usually a clear purpose or function of the room. If it is being used as a craft room, then a craft table, table light and chair may be appropriate. Just make sure that the decor reflects the function of the room, but don't fill up too much of the space so that it looks overcrowded with furniture.

One safety item to check is to make sure that the stairs has a secure handrail and is in good condition. The stairs will be the first thing people see when they walk down to the basement area. A fresh coat of paint and non skid surfaces on the stair treads will add to the visible appeal and safety. If basement steps are abnormally steep, you will also want to make sure the real estate professional warns people before they tour the house. You definitely do not want any potential buyer to trip or slip on the stairs before he or she even sees the basement.

For more specific and customized advice regarding home staging for your individual home, consult a staging professional or your real estate representative for ideas and information. After all, they are the experts and have staged many homes. Their knowledge and experience will help you show your basement to its best advantage and increase the sale value for your home.

As always we are here to help you with your Windsor real estate needs. Servicing those in Windsor, Essex County and Surrounding areas -Riverside, Tecumseh, Lakeshore, Central Windsor, East Windsor, South Cameron, Lasalle, South Windsor, Old Walkerville, Waterfront Properties, Estate Sales, Buy Homes in Windsor or Sell Homes in Windsor. Working with Seniors in today’s changing Windsor Real Estate Market.


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Searching for a home in Windsor, Lasalle or Tecumseh?
Posted on Thu, 05 Jul 2012, 06:30:00 AM  in Home buying tips,  Houses for sale in Windsor Ontario,  Windsor Ontario First Time Buyers,  Buying a home or Condo in Windsor Essex ,  Home Ownership,  Windsor Real Estate
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Try to buy a home that meets most of your needs for the next 5 to 10 years, or find a home that can grow and change with your needs.

Take a moment to think about the following...

Size and Layout
How many bedrooms do you need?
How many bathrooms do you need?
If you work from home in Windsor, do you require space for a home office?
What kind of parking facilities do you need? For how many cars?

What type of features are you looking for in your Windsor home?

Do you want air conditioning? If so, what type? If central air is in the budget, it is a welcomed feature as summers in Windsor Essex tend to really get hot and humid.
Do you want storage or hobby space?
Is a fireplace or a swimming pool high on your list?
Do you have family members with special needs?
Do you want special features to save energy, enhance indoor air quality, and reduce environmental impact?

Life Strategies
No matter what type of housing you choose, you must have a clear idea of your needs today, as well as your possible future needs. These are some examples of questions homebuyers might ask:
Do I plan to have children?
Do I have teenagers who will be moving away soon?
Am I close to retirement?
Will I need a home that can accommodate different stages of life?
Do I have an older relative who might come to live with me?

 Buying a home a home in Windsor Essex and the surrounding areas is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life. Be careful and ponder what will and will not work for you and your family now and in the somewhat distant future.

 As always if you require any real estate assistance do not hesitate to call upon us. Servicing the Windsor Essex areas -Riverside, Tecumseh, Lakeshore, Central Windsor, East Windsor, South Cameron, Lasalle, South Windsor, Old Walkerville, Waterfront Properties, Kingsville, Foreclosures and Bank Repossessed Properties.

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Should I use a Home Inspector when I Buy a Home in Windsor?
Posted on Thu, 28 Jun 2012, 09:30:00 AM  in Buying and Selling Windsor Waterfront Properties,  Houses for sale in Windsor Ontario,  Windsor Ontario First Time Buyers,  Buying a home or Condo in Windsor Essex ,  Home Ownership,  Windsor Real Estate,  Windsor Home Inspectors,  Lasalle Tecumseh Home Inspections,  Windsor Home Buying Tips
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We always recommend that homes purchased in Windsor and Essex County be thoroughly inspected by a certified Home Inspector.

Inspections are an important tool to verify that any potential Windsor home is a sound investment and not a bottomless money pit! Inspections are normally built into every agreement of purchase and sale. They are a condition of the purchase which enable buyers the option to renegotiate or walk away should the Windsor home not fair well during the inspection.

A home inspector will typically inspect:

Roof, some inspectors will get up on any roof, some will tackle low slopes, and others use binoculars to check for wornness or curling of shingles. Here in Windsor during the winter months a visual roof inspection may not be possible because of snow.

Plumbing, most inspectors will flush toilets to check for leaks and run all faucets to assess water pressure and the immediacy and volume of available hot water.

Heating and Cooling, depending on the time of year the furnace should be tested by turning up the thermostat and checking the response.

Home Interior, an inspection generally includes a visual scan of floors, walls and ceilings for signs of water intrusion, or sagging.

Basement should be checked for indications of previous water intrusion in addition to signs of structural problems. You can find out a lot of information in the basement!

Smoke Detector adequacy

Attic, to verify that there is proper insulation in the home

Electrical, most inspectors remove the face of the electrical box if it is safe to do so and check for over current protections, grounding, and the presence of any aluminum wiring (which can be a dangerous fire hazard)

It is important to note that Windsor Home Inspectors can only check out what is visible to the eye.  They do not tear out dry wall like Mike Holmes! A home inspection is necessary part to the Windsor home buying process.  It will give home buyers a piece of mind and make them aware of potential problem areas as well.

For those getting ready to put their home up for sale in Windsor it can be useful to have a "pre-inspection".  This will allow for Sellers to make an necessary repairs prior to a potential Buyer making an offer. 

 As always if you require any real estate assistance do not hesitate to call upon us. Servicing the Windsor Essex areas -Riverside, Tecumseh, Lakeshore, Central Windsor, East Windsor, South Cameron, Lasalle, South Windsor, Olde Walkerville, Waterfront Properties, Kingsville, Foreclosures and Bank Repossessed Properties

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Posted on Thu, 14 Jun 2012, 10:54:57 AM  in Houses for sale in Windsor Ontario,  Home Ownership,  Windsor Real Estate,  Windsor Open Houses
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Windsor Open Houses

Stop by Sunday and see this executive over sized raised ranch in South

 Windsor.  There is really a lot of room to spread out in this one! Looking for

a  large lot on a cul de sac in the City of Windsor? This one has it.

 Entertainers delight with a covered porch and cement patio below - sure

 to fit even the largest families bar-b-que.  There is a master bonus room

 bedroom complete with corner spa like jacuzzi tub, seperate shower

 and walk-in closet. There is a country sized kitchen with a pantry and

 BONUS, the stainless appliances are includedLaughing.

Hope to see you Sunday, Carrie-Lynn Macleod, Remo Valente Real Estate

 As always if you require any real estate assistance do not hesitate to call upon us. Servicing the Windsor Essex areas -Riverside, Tecumseh, Lakeshore, Central Windsor, East Windsor, South Cameron, Lasalle, South Windsor, Old Walkerville, Waterfront Properties, Kingsville, Foreclosures and Bank Repossessed Properties.

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